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Ginger Taylor 

Ginger started out her creative career at the age of 4 drawing all over paper table cloths at restaurants. Her Dad Deane, who has worked in the animation/film industry his whole working life - would carry felt tip pens in his pocket everywhere they went and encouraged her to keep on drawing.

These days you can find her painting murals nationally & internationally, customising bowling pins, motorbike helmets, tanks. Ginger also does alot of digital work including graphic design, logos, custom illustrations etc.

Ginger has worked with companies/people including; Lily Allen, Google, YouTube, Westfield, Harley Davidson, Deus, Sailor Jerry, Young Henrys, VB, VANS, Pedestrian TV and many more.

Likes - Every day objects in miniature form, Dolly Parton, Lizzo and true crime podcasts.

Dislikes - Bad manners and people copying artwork.

Her main influences are Neon signs, Country music, Americana, Vintage interiors, Japanese culture and strong women (so, all women).